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SAMEER-Kolkata Centre was established in May, 1993 as a millimetre wave technology group. It started functioning as a full-fledged laboratory at Salt lake Electronics Complex, Kolkata in May, 2000. CATR facility has been established in second campus of SAMEER Kolkata Centre.

Areas of Work:

  • Circuits, Subsystems & System in RF, Microwave and Millimetre wave frequency ranges.
  • Antennas and Electromagnetics.
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

The Centre has a strong design team with long years of experience in R & D for design and development of virtually any type of antenna in VHF/UHF, microwave and millimetre wave frequency ranges. A wide variety of specialized antennas have been developed for different applications. Test and measurement facilities are available for evaluation of Antennas. A Compact antenna test range is under construction for antenna & radome measurements in the frequency range 1-100 GHz.

A core group of scientists are involved in design & development of microwave and millimeter wave subsystems for different applications. Certain lab infrastructure has already been created to facilitate R&D work. Full fledged Millimeter Wave laboratory facilities are under construction.

An EMC laboratory with all state -of-the-art test and measurement facilities, such as Radiated Emission, Radiated Susceptibility, Conducted Emission & Conducted Susceptibility, conforming to International Standards has been established at the Centre to provide test & measurement services to industries for EMC compliance of their products. A shielded ferrite lined Anechoic Chamber (3Mtr range), FCC accreditated has been established for the first time in the Eastern India to carry out Radiated Emission and Radiated Susceptibility tests.

The Centre undertakes R & D projects for design and development of critical antennas, circuits and subsystems in VHF/UHF to millimetre wave frequency ranges and provides test, measurement and consultancy services in EMI/EMC.


SAMEER-KOLKATA CENTRE ( Sec - V )                              SAMEER Kolkata Centre ( Sec - III )
Salt Lake Electronics Complex.                                           JC-30, Sector-III, SaltLake
Plot-L2, Block-GP , Sec-V, Kolkata- 700091.                       Kolkata- 700098




What's New

Microwave and millimeterwave measurements:

  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • Scalar Network Analyzer
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Power Meter
  • Phase Noise & Noise figure
  • Signal Generator
  • Antenna Measurement Instrumentation

Mechanical CAD

  • Auto CAD
  • Inventer
  • ProE