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Microwave Integrated Circuit Laboratory as part of the MMW establishment.


A completely new Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC) laboratory with clean room environment has been established in the centre having infrastructure for fabrication of highly accurate mmw circuits. Other infrastructures like plating system, bonding machines etc have also been installed. Following facilities are available in the MIC lab.


♦ Clean Room :

A class 1L clean room has been established to maintain a clean environment through out the MIC lab which is specially required for fabrication of highly precise MMW circuits. An air shower has been installed at the entrance of the clean room.

Entrance of the MIC lab through air shower

♦ Photoresist Spin coater :

Various kinds of liquid photoresists are been coated on the target substrates with this system spin coater system.

♦ Dry film laminator :

Target substrates (e.g. RT duroid, FR4 etc) are being laminated with dry film using this system.

♦ Laser Pattern Generator :

This systems works with a laser source of wavelength 405 nm. For photo lithographic exposure the photosensitive coating on the target substrates (e.g. FR4, RT Duroid, quartz etc) has to be in accordance with the wavelength of the laser source.

♦ Developing unit :

After the photo-resist coating is being illuminated in the laser pattern generator, the next step of the photolithographic process is to develop the patterns in the developing unit using the base medium.

♦ Etching Unit :

After developing, the required circuit is fabricated on the metal claded substrate material by etching out the undesired portions from the metal coating on the substrate. Base medium used for this etching step in the photolithographic process.

♦ Wire and Ribbon Bonder 01:

♦ Wire and Wire and Ribbon Bonder 02:


What's New

Microwave and millimeterwave measurements:

  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • Scalar Network Analyzer
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Power Meter
  • Phase Noise & Noise figure
  • Signal Generator
  • Antenna Measurement Instrumentation

Mechanical CAD

  • Auto CAD
  • Inventer
  • ProE