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MMIC Packaging


SAMEER Kolkata centre has the facilities to package MMIC at millimetre wave frequency in waveguide module. Following steps are followed:

  1. Design of micro-strip to waveguide transition
  2. Performance check of MMIC in probe-station
  3. Bias circuit design for MMIC
  4. Simulation and analysis of the structure including micro-strip to waveguide transition and bias circuit in 3D EM simulation software
  5. Mechanical design and fabrication
  6. Epoxy bonding of MMIC and PCBs
  7. Wire and/or ribbon bonding
  8. Performance check of final waveguide module

Many MMICs at different waveguide band have been packaged and satisfactory result has been achieved.




What's New

Microwave and millimeterwave measurements:

  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • Scalar Network Analyzer
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Power Meter
  • Phase Noise & Noise figure
  • Signal Generator
  • Antenna Measurement Instrumentation

Mechanical CAD

  • Auto CAD
  • Inventer
  • ProE