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Dr. Patnam Hanumantha Rao, B.Tech, M.S., PhD

email : phrao.sameer@gov.in and phraodr@gmail.com

Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/dr-rao-hanumantha-6130644,

Google scholar: Hanumantha Rao Patnam



Dr Hanumantha Rao received his PhD from The Queen’s university, Belfast, UK, M.S from BITS, PIlani and B.Tech from SV University, India. He has 34 Plus, Years of experience in Research and Development in RF, microwaves and mmwave Technologies for strategic and civilian sectors.

He has been working in SAMEER for the past 32 years after a brief stay at Space Applications Centre SAC (ISRO), Ahmedabad. As a scientist in the initial part of his career and later as a senior member of the organisation, he has been actively involved in the implementation of various future driven next generation technologies for both strategic and societal applications for DRDO, MeitY and DoT. He has been part of multi-institute (IITM, IITB, IITD, IITK, IITH, IISc, CEWiT and SAMEER) collaborative research towards the development of Indigenous 5G solutions. He was the part of the 5G team and, demonstrated for the first time in India, a fully functional MIMO and Massive MIMO systems sub 6GHz band, and integrated mmwave Tiled Phased array antennas. He was Instrumental in building indigenous technologies and R&D facilities towards self-reliance India and executed various strategic projects to address the denied technologies to India. He actively participates in developing Indian standards for 5G and represented India at ITU global meetings. He contributed actively towards SoC and SoP and implemented Electromagnetic Band Gaps (EBG) and Metamaterial configurations for the mitigation of Mixed signal Noise and Simultaneous Switching Noise.in collaboration with Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA.

As a member of high-level committees at national level in driving the technology programs for India, he facilitated collaborative research between SAMEER-Academia and industry, both at national and international levels. He strongly believes in building the teams towards indigenisation and helps in Capacity building in terms of lectures, workshops and symposia. He mentored number of scientific teams at various levels. He has guided more than 50 M.Tech /MS students along with 11 PhDs. He is a member of Doctorial Committees for various IITs, NITs and Reputed Indian universities.

He has executed various International/National collaborative programs especially for next generation technologies and their realization in Indian context. He created SAMEER-Academia interaction with various premier IITs and NITs. He was responsible for the Establishment of “Computational Electromagnetic Cell” at IISc (Collaborative Research).

Most of his work has been published in highly referred journals. Some of my publications are the most referred / popular articles for a long period in IEEE. He has more than 120 publications in IEEE/IEE/John Wiley and referred journals and conferences.

Awards & Recognitions

  • His paper “A multiband, multi-polarization shared aperture antennas: Design and simulation, “ was IEEE Most popular paper: IEEE-AP magazine August 2017, and Popular paper Sept 2017-March2018.

  • Awarded IEEE Best paper @ International Conference IEEE INCEMIC-2008

  • He is a member of Apex Body for DYSL –CT (DRDO) on cognitive Technologies

  • Member 5G Implementation and Review group (MeitY) and Member Technology Innovation Group (TIG) for 6G (DoT)

  • IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (DL) /Speaker for Asia Pacific Region 2015 and 2016 (IEEE-AP-S)

  • Senior Member IEEE and Life Member SEMCEI and Member TSDSi and

  • Founding co-chair IEEE-AP-S society (India)

  • Visiting scientist at Georgia Tech USA 1992 and 2017.

  • UNDP Fellow 1992.

  • British Commonwealth fellow 1999-2002.

Current research areas include 6G solutions, intelligent reflecting surfaces, UAV detection and deactivation, Spectrum studies and RFSoC and Tiled Phased arrays systems.


What's New

Microwave and millimeterwave measurements:

  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • Scalar Network Analyzer
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Power Meter
  • Phase Noise & Noise figure
  • Signal Generator
  • Antenna Measurement Instrumentation

Mechanical CAD

  • Auto CAD
  • Inventer
  • ProE